Emails — Tools


Himalaya is an open source project I initiated few years ago. Its aim is to provide innovative tools related to the email domain like a library, a command line interface, plugins etc. In September, 2022, Himalaya received a donation of €50,000 thanks to the Next Generation Internet program of the European Commission (via the nlnet foundation), which allows me to work full time on this project till September, 2023. This donation makes my dream come true: to live from my passion!

proPhilo Database

Association — Resource manager


proPhilo is a French-speaking Swiss association which develops and supports the practice of philosophical dialogue  with children, adolescents and adults. Their need was to transform an XLS document into an interactive database with three permission levels. The server part was developed with PostgreSQL and PostgREST in order to optimally manage resource permissions. A Node.js script has been implemented for migrating data from the XLS file to the PostgreSQL database. The client part was developed with React.js, TypeScript and MaterialUI. All project dependencies were managed with Nix.

The project is currently being tested by proPhilo.

Creator v2

Signage — Content editor


PictoSigns is a French family-owned signage company. Their project was to allow users to create their personalized signs and displays online and receive them directly by post. The first version had already been developed and was running in production. However, PictoSigns encountered many problems related to the PrestaShop infrastructure. A market study also made it possible to target user needs more precisely. For this second version, the backend was developed with Rust, Diesel, PostgreSQL and Docker, to address infrastructure and performance issues. The admin panel was extracted from PrestaShop and developed with React.js, TypeScript and Ant Design. The frontend, meanwhile, has kept the same technologies as the first version (some adjustments have been made to make it more fluid, more UX).


Auctions — Responsive components


Agorastore is an auction website for used equipment and real estate. My task was to make a collection of React components responsive, and to implement some new ones (a carousel, a plan manager, mobile-specific cards…). Components were managed by a Storybook. I also took some initiatives, such as refactoring some components to make them more UX, or adding some animations with React Spring.

Creator v1

Signage — Content editor


PictoSigns is a French family-owned signage company. Their project was to allow users to create their personalized signs and displays online and receive them directly by post. PictoSigns has an online store based on PrestaShop. This first version was designed as a PrestaShop plugin to facilitate their production chain. The backend was therefore based on the PrestaShop environment (PHP/Symfony/MySQL). The frontend was developed with React.js, TypeScript, RxJS and Fabric.js.

This version is no longer accessible because it has been replaced by the second version.

Cap Bien-Être

Health — Online training app


Les Ateliers Cap Bien-Être from the MSA are workshops aimed at better managing stress and emotions on a daily basis. The need was to create an online training application based on modules, pages and quizzes. The backend was developed with Firebase (authentication and user data management). The frontend was developed with React.js, TypeScript and RxJS. The integration was carried out using graphics and animations provided by DOGMS.


Signage — Content manager


Odisplay is a solution for creating and distributing content on physical screens. The server was developed with Firebase to be able to synchronize screens with their content in real time. The admin panel was developed with React.js, TypeScript and RxJS. Clients should have been developed (Android, iOS, Samsung TV, etc.) to link physical screens to the administration panel, but the project was abandoned along the way due to the COVID-19 health crisis.


Medias — Web apps


Konbini is a French online media. The mission was divided in three parts. The first task was to develop a micro-donation widget. The objective was to be able to quickly select (on scroll) an amount and to proceed directly to the transfer via a Stripe component. The first version was developed in Elm, but the client opted for a rewrite in React. The second task was to implement a WordPress plugin using this previous widget. The third task was to develop an administration panel in order to configure the donation campaigns and the available amounts. This admin was developed with React.js, TypeScript and Ant Design.

Video games — Showcase website

jsreactstyled componentsnextfirebase

Gimbl empowers you with rewards and challenges for streamers to get out of their way during their game. They needed to set up a quality showcase website with a futuristic design. The integration was done from InVision graphics with React.js, Styled Components and Next.js.


Invoicing — Web app


FactAE is an invoicing tool dedicated to French auto-entrepreneurs at the cost of one euro per month. The frontend was developed with React.js and Next.js. Google Firebase has been used for authentication and user data, and Google Cloud Functions has was used for the subscription part, payment (Stripe) and generation of PDFs.

I first created this tool for my personal use, then I realized that many other self-employed people around me had the same need. So I invested time and money to set up this platform. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get the concept off the ground. Other tools came to take over the market afterwards, which led me to abandon the project. It was nevertheless a very rewarding experience!

Ateliers Vitalité

Health — Online training app


Les Ateliers Vitalité from the MSA are workshops aimed to improve quality of life and to preserve health capital of retirees people. Their need was to add new modules to an existing database developed with PHP, Sass and SQLite. The design, animations and quizzes of these new modules have been integrated from graphics provided by DOGMS.

Sigma Search

Recruitment — Showcase website


Sigma Search is an international recruitment company. They needed to rebuid their showcase website. Integration was done with React.js, TypeScript and Stylus from graphics and animations provided by DOGMS.


Dating — Mobile app


IMY is an online dating mobile application. They needed some new functionalities before publishing the application to production. The application was developed with Angular and Ionic. The backend was based on Ruby on Rails.

Camping Calamar

Camping — Showcase website


Camping Calamar is a campsite located in Corsica. They needed to rebuild their showcase website. The integration was done with React.js, TypeScript and Sass from graphics and animations provided by DOGMS.

Angèle Concept

Training — Mobile app

react nativephp

Development of a mobile application to manage internship and attendance sessions. Sessions were saved locally and could be synchronized manually as soon as a reliable internet connection was detected.

Parc Galéa

Travel — Web module


Galea is a park (including a museum and a garden) located in Corsica. They needed to add a PayPal button for the sale of one of their books.

Island Tours

Travel — Dynamic form


Island Tours is a travel agency around Island. They needed an interactive form linked to a newsletter.

Smart Services

Consulting — Showcase website


Smart Services is a consulting company. They needed a showcase site in the form of a slideshow. The site was developed with fullPage.js and jQuery.


Coaching — Showcase website


Run&Sense is a training organisation in management and personal development. They needed a showcase website to start up their activity. The website has been developped with the static site generator Sculpin and the template engine Twig.

The website has been refactored with WordPress by another developer since then.